Its been a super long break from blogging.  I've been really busy doing other crafts like sewing and digital stuff.  This here is a 2014 calendar that can be used for a work schedule or other things.  I can definitely use this for myself to view my sleep schedule.  Lol Anyway I hope to be posting again back on my blog with all my new creations again.   I am also on Instagram if you wish to check out all my other creations.  My IG name is simplysweetaddictionsbyelena.  Have a Great Day!


Its been a while sine my last post

Its been a while since my last post but I am still creating daily.  I have been posting my daily creations on Instagram.  If you want to follow me on Instagram check it out:  simplysweetaddictionsbyelena
I am doing a "Girls Day" giveaway on March 3rd.  You will need to be a follower to be eligible to win.  Here is what I am giving away.


Sewing projects

Its been a while since I last posted on my blog.  I haven't stopped creating and crafting but just have not had the chance to get on my blog to update it.  I will be trying to post more often but will post a few items that I recently made.  I've been in a sewing mood lately and have been sewing IPAD cases for the mini and the regular IPAD.


Santa and his friends

Wow its been a while since I've posted to my blog.  I've been really busy sewing and making bags and other things.  I decided to make these cute winter friends to use as table centerpieces.  The box is a good size and measures about 4" wide and tall.  These guys was fun to make and I'm probably going to make at least another set of these guys.   Thanks for stopping by and if I don't post anything up until Christmas, Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Holiday Season!

Mr. Snowman
Mrs. Gingerbread
Mr. Penguin


2013 Desk / Wall Calendar

I'm getting prepared for the New Year so I started making these calendars early.  They turned out really cute and the images were colored with copic markers.  I added some flourishes cut from my silhouette machine, paper roses and clear half beads to the 4 corners.  I was actually to get the calendars today because it just came in.  Thanks for stopping by to check on my creations even though I haven't been able to post often.  Have a Great Week!  


Baby Hello Kitty

Here is a baby Hello Kitty that I created tonight.  This may be the last HK card that I will be doing this week since my family and I will be going camping for the weekend.  A break away is fun and relaxing and hopefully it won't rain this weekend.  
I used the "Whimsical Words" sentiment and butterfly from Stampin Up and not sure where the DP came from since I picked it several of them when I last went to Joann's in Las Vegas.  Thanks for stopping by my blog seeing all the different Hello Kitty's that I recently created.  Have a Great rest of the week.


Hello Kitty Mutant Ninja and Pirate

Created another new Hello Kitty again.  This turned out really cute after I was done with it.  It was a challenge to do this but I knew I could do it.  This will probably be my last Hello Kitty Halloween card for now but had fun making all the different costumes.  I also made some pirates and added some pink twinkle embellishments to it too.  The pirates took a while to put together since there are alot of pieces to glue together.  I'm not so sure I'd do that again but it turned out cute anyway.  Thanks for checking out my blog to see the new creations and Have a Great Hump Day today.


Vintage Card and Desk Set

I guess you can say I've been on a vintage making weekend.  I created this cute card that actually holds the 2 tags.  It actually was for a card swap but decided to keep it myself because I didn't want anyone to feel offended since its a piggy mask.  It turned out so cute that I thought of making another with a different stamp image.  My second creation is a cute desk set that holds 3 post-its and a box of paper clips.  You can actually use it for other things from your desk but this turned out great with the post its and clips.  I added the desk set to my Etsy store if you are interested.  Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!


Hello Kitty cards creations

As you can see I have been on a Hello Kitty card making journey.  I started my Etsy account "https://www.etsy.com/your/listings" and have been busy creating these cards to try it out and see how it goes.  I love creating them and is just enjoying it for the moment.  I've been creating other cards too but these are my favorite so far and I know its been a while since my last blog post.  Thank you to all for stopping by my blog to check them out.  Have a Great rest of the week!


Got Chicks?

Got chicks anyone?  Isn't this just sooo cute...I wanted to make some favors for my brother's birthday brunch and since he likes and has chickens as his pets I thought this was a cute idea.  I filled it with a bag filled with candies.  Hope my family will all love this..  I cut this from my Silhouette Cameo.