Sorry no creations to post and been MIA for awhile!! Since returning from Las Vegas I have not been able to get in the mood of doing any crafts lately. I started cleaning my craft room and that's probably about it. I brought back alot of paper that I picked up from JoAnn's in Vegas and also brought back a scrapbooking sewing machine. I already have a couple sewing machines but I don't want to use it for any paper crafts since the dust may get into the machine then I'll need to send it in for servicing. It's too expensive for the servicing for my sewing machine. So why not get the craft machine for paper right!! That was just justification on my part!! I've also come down with a bad head cold and it makes me feel even lazier to do anything. Anyway hopefully I'll get back in the mood again soon and check out everyone's creations..... HAPPY HUMP DAY!!


Sorry no creations for a week!

Sorry I don't have any creations to share today. I won't have anything to share for probably the next 1-1/2 weeks. Going to Las Vegas! Yay!! I just wanted to share my Halloween costume that I decided to make this year. I made a mermaid costume because the department that I was in the contest with was dressing up as jelly fishes and I didn't want to be a jelly fish this year. Our other co-worker was a funny swimmer to match the under water theme! Our group WON for the group contest! Other groups also dressed up and they were Tourists and Nurses or patients.

Anyway, Have a Great Week and see all your creations when I get back!!