Christmas cards and tags

Here's the last of my Christmas cards that I made. I made about 20 of these and about 50 gift tags this year. I realized that I should have start making these earlier instead of waiting so last minute. Oh well maybe next year. As the year comes to an end, I now am going to concentrate this week to clean up my craft mess in my room so I can start fresh for the new year. I know this is an on going project daily but its the thought that counts. lol.... Thanks to everyone who stops by to check out my creations. Until next year 2012 going on to my 4th year of sharing my creations on my blog. Have a Great rest of the year and Be Safe!!!


Gift Tags in the making

In the process of making my gift tags. Gosh I know I'm so last minute but didn't realize how many tags I needed. I decided to make a boy and girl tag. This is the last of my Christmas crafts for the season. Actually I have a couple more photos that I will be posting in the next few days. Until then, Have a Great Day and Thanks for stopping by.


Christmas projects

Finally posting my Christmas projects that I had done at my Christmas Craft class last month. We actually worked on 7 different projects. We had alot of fun although at my second class it rained but we still continued to finish up everything. This was the first time that it actually rained the way it did at any of my classes that I had. Again sorry my pictures are blurry because I used my phone again. It's not as clear as I normally like it.
Stay tuned for my next upcoming creations! Valentine's Day crafts being worked on for my January class! OMG December is not even over yet and my crazy brain is already thinking of Valentine's Day. I'm sure other crafters are just as crazy as I am.

I also have another blog called "Paper Trail Friends". There are a bunch of us friends (co-workers and friends) that create cards and tags monthly. I give them a theme and we exchange on the last day of the month. This month we are making 12 cards each to exchange with each other. Check out our creations monthly!

Thanks for stopping by and want to say "Happy Holiday's" to you all and thanks for stopping by to check out my creations.

Gift Card Holders

I was going thru some of my pictures and forgot to post these gift card holders that I taught for my October Craft class. We made these the same time I did some Halloween projects too.
Sorry my pictures are blurry but I used my phone to take the pics at the time. Thanks for stopping by to check out my creations.