Halloween Card, Tags and Invitations!

This is kinda a long post. I haven't had the chance to get on my blog lately but will post what I can now. The days have been going by so quickly! This first card is a Halloween card that I made for the monthly OCS that Linda does monthly. Hopefully my partner will get it before Halloween. I was so last minute in making the card, but was able to send it the beginning of the week. I wanted to use my Himawari babies that I still have so I included them on the card. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the pumpkins. Still having fun with it.
This next pic is some Halloween tags that I cut out also from my Silhouette machine. As you can see I didn't color the images but colored them from Photo Shop. I'm putting together some kits for some friends to make some Christmas tags for gifts. I added some glitter to each tag to have some bling on them but you can't see them in the pics. I think it's the lighting that blocks it out. They are so cute.
These next two tags is from Joy and Michelle. I didn't get to post them when I received them the past two months. I love them, they are just so darn cute!
These next few photos are the invitations that I was working on for work. We finally were able to finish them! Thanks to all who helped me! I used my living room floor to layout the invites to dry the glitter. My husband happened to come into the house and said "WOW" new style carpet! That was just half of the invites when he came in, the first half was dried so we put the second half down. They were all passed out this week and everyone loved it. All 198 of them.


Halloween Treat Bags

I finally got the chance to really work with my Silhouette machine that I've had for almost 2 years. Since I changed my computer and got a Mac the Silhouette machine was not compatible with it so I had to put it on the side. They finally came out with a program for Mac computers. Yay!!! I'm so happy because I can now do alot more with the new program. I got the chance to cut these cute and simple Halloween Treat bags. I just added a foam spider to the bag to add some color to it. Made these cute bags for some of my friends. Thanks for stopping by to check out my goodies!! Have a Great Day!


2010 Calendar Holder

Can't believe the weekend went by so quickly! I didn't get to craft much but posting something that I've been working on this past week in between re-organizing my craft room.
I've created a calendar case for my 2011 calendar. The calendars shown is actually from previous years as I am in the process of creating my 2011 calendars. Here I used Miss Anya Lounge for the front cover. The calendars are created from the DJ Inkers clipart.
To open the cover you need to untie the bow at the bottom then flip it over.
There is another bow already on the inside that is tied from the inside of the box.
Then you need to tie a bow after you flip the cover over to create the stand to hold the holder up.
Hope you all have a great week and thanks for stopping by to check out my creation.


Boss's Day Card and Bag

This Friday is Boss's Day, so I was able to sneak in some time to make this bag and card for my friends that ordered this for their boss. They will be putting a gift card inside of it. My boss is a male so I definitely would not make this for him. I used the same "Box in a Bag" instructions posted in the link a couple days ago. I just made it a little shorter and wider and made a matching card. I actually didn't have enough left over paper of the same print so I did the best I could. I still didn't get to finish my craft room but wanted to sneak in some time of crafting for a little bit. Anyway have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


Craft room hideaway!

I forgot to take pictures of my craft room before I took everything out. Well here is the picture of what I took out from the room and is sitting on my living room floor. I guess you can say that I am a craft hoarder. My problem is that I do all kinds of crafts not just paper crafts but sewing, beading, crocheting you name I have it. I am slowly going through everything and trying to get rid of stuff. I also used to collect tons of bears of all kinds but got rid of most of it. You will see that I still kept some that I have on my shelf. When I get tired of it I will depart with them. It's a mess here in this picture but most of it is gone and put a way somewhat.
Here is the koa laminate desk that I helped my husband put together for my craft space. This was sooooo heavy to move and put together and hopefully this won't move for awhile. I wanted a desk where I could do my crafting and be able to place my sewing machine and serger on.
Here's the other corner where I installed some shelves for my Korean movie collection, books and Cricut and Silhouette machine and I also installed the rack for my punches. The counter and drawers also provides more space. I still need to get rid of the Iris drawers shown in the picture but I need to empty it first.

Below is my other wall of craft storage. I decided to put my things in see through containers so I know where things are. The right side are shoe boxes that I covered with assorted pink fabric a while back. I still got more to cover but will do them later when I have time. My craft room is still in it's transformation stage but I wanted to show you what I am working on right now. No crafting maybe for the next week. I am still in the process of trying to finish up the 190 explosion box invitations for my work. I need to have it done by the end of this month but still got lots to do.

I hope I didn't bore you with my craft room hideaway! I'm still trying to put things away and going through everything to see if I can get rid of things. Now that you have seen what my craft space looks like, how is your craft space? I was kinda embarrassed to show pictures of the mess but I'm trying to get organized here so it can be easily accessible. Thank you for stopping by and Have a Great rest of the week!


Birthday Bag

Another bag to share with you today. If you come to my blog often you'll know that I love to make bags! Well here's another that I made for a birthday gift bag. I love the DP from KI Memories called "paisley parade" because it's colorful and colors that I love to work with. This bag is the same instructions as the "Box in a Bag" found at SCS but I shortened it and made it wider and just embellished it. Have fun creating!

Yay!! It is Thursday today and hope to have the day off on Friday for a 4 day weekend. More crafting this weekend to finish up the 190 invitations that we are working on for work. Pics to come later when we are done. Have a Great Day!!

Addicted to crafts.....

No paper crafts today but decided to show you what I was trying to figure out. I ironed on this to my t-shirt that I use for my daily walks. I wasn't sure what I wanted it to say but in actuality I realize I really am "Addicted to Crafts" so there it is. I've had my "Silhoutte" machine for almost 2 years but haven't used it much since it was not compatible to MAC computers, so I had to leave it sitting on the shelf for a while. They finally came out with a program last week for MAC users and I was soooo "Happy"! I can now finally use it again! I figured out how to create an iron-on image and I'm hoping to work more on the program to figure out how to use it to cut out stuff for my paper projects.
Have a Great rest of the week!!


More Halloween treats

I am sharing with you a couple more Halloween treat bags that I made last night. Halloween is really not one of my favorite days as I don't care to watch scary movies but I don't mind making these little favor pieces to give a little something for Halloween. I am working on a couple more Halloween treat bags and will post them as soon as I am done. Thanks for checking out my creations and Have a Great Week!


Halloween treats / Post it and paper clip holder

It's an ugly day today and it's pouring here in Wahiawa!! Anyway, I came across a blog @ Mega Stampin Studio where you can get the instructions. You could actually give this as a small gift or use it to put a gift card and some goodies to someone. I made a mistake when punching the holes for the handles and put it on the front instead of the top but you really can't see it as I covered it up with the brown flowers. I used the jumbo size paper clips and added the circles and flowers on the top of it and also included 2 each 1-1/2" x 2" post its and covered and decorated it. I think this is going to be my next project for my craft class that I do once a month.
Thanks for checking out my blog to check out my creations and Have a Great Sunday!

I also created some Halloween stuff too and made a "Pop up" card with the hand. I drew my own hand to make the template so you can tell it looks so feminine. I think I need to draw someone else's hand to make it again. The Frankenstein is a candy holder to give to the kids. Saw them making this at the scrapbook store so I had to improvise and create my own because it was for the kids. I thought it turned out really cute!!


Halloween Pop up and goodie bags

I offered to help my friend make these goodie bags for a family party for this weekend. She wanted Hawaiian print DP but since I couldn't find something that she would like I decided to use wrapping paper from Island Heritage to cover the front and back of the bag. The guests are from Mexico so she wanted it to have a Hawaiian theme. I though it turned out pretty good! I hope she'll like it.

I am sharing with you all a couple "Pop Up" cards that my sister made to give to her friends. I am in the process to make one of these too and hopefully it comes out as nice as hers. Its such a neat card!
Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Friday!!! who hoooo the weekend is almost here!!