Cupcake Box and Red Velvet cupcakes

Here's another cupcake box that I made. I also baked "Red Velvet" cupcakes to put in the box. I was in the mood again for them but unfortunately not all for myself. Not a good idea. I used the instructions from "Confessions of A Ribbon Addict" to make this cupcake box. Sorry if this is a double post of the same thing but I had fun making it.
Have a Great Week!


Another Cupcake box and favors bags

Here's another cupcake box I decided to make. Trying to use up my scraps and actually making good use with them too. This box is actually bigger than I wanted but that's okay I'll just have to make bigger cupcakes. I will probably make the box smaller but this box is a 4" square and is about 3.25" tall. I made some red velvet and yellow cupcakes this past weekend and they turned out pretty good that everyone loved it. I didn't get a good picture of the cupcake but its in there. I also used the SU butterfly punch for the top of the box. I actually had fun making the cupcakes and practicing with decorating the frosting on top of it.

Ok here are the favor boxes that I mentioned yesterday that I was going to post. I made several different favor bags to fit some door prizes in them that I was giving out at my craft class this past weekend. It was fun making them and yes you might say that I got carried away. Some of the pictures may be blurry as it was getting late and I was probably rushing when I took them. Sorry that I don't have any dimensions for any of the favors. I was cutting and scoring them according to the prizes that I had and did not even measure them after it was done.

I know this is a long post but Thanks for checking out my posts today and hope you all "Have a Great Week".


Lil' Gift bag

A couple weeks ago I helped my friend make 25 cupcake boxes for her daughter's birthday to give to her friends. Her birthday is in a couple weeks from today and she wanted to use Hello Kitty and her friends images to put in front of the boxes. I made these for her cupcake boxes and decided to make a little gift bag to put them in it. They were fun to make! I made some other little gift bags for door prizes for some friends that came over this weekend. I will post them sometime this week. Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!!


Laying Nora "Flat box" and Lesa

Here's a fun gift box that I figured out last night. I was looking at boxes online and found something that you could purchase from China. I thought that I could figure this out on my own and here it is. You could actually fit a gift card in the box for a gift but since I didn't have one on hand I just added some candy until I can get a card. I'm using CC Designs Laying Nora which fits perfect on the box. This box measures are 3-1/2" wide x 2-1/4" D x 1" high. This box can actually lay totally flat but I didn't get a picture of that. I used a velcro to close the flap. Hope you all have a Great Weekend!!

Here's another card using CC Designs Lesa. I really didn't know what I was creating since I was just in the mood of coloring images but decided to make this Z fold card. It turned out pretty good I think. I used up most of my cards that I created in the past and wanted to add more to my box for when I need them, this is the reason I just left it blank for now. I always get requests for blank cards so this will be added to my stash. It's not really my kind of colors but it turned out okay I guess.


Cupcake box "Tutorial"

I promised that I was going to do a tutorial so I finally took some pictures to attempt to do so for this box that I created. I really do have a hard time creating tutorials but I tried my best to do this one. I hope you are able to understand it.
First of all I made another one today, but ate the cupcake earlier and didn't have another to insert in the box to take a picture. I used the Nesting Flowers Cookie Cutter dies to cut the pink scallop and the Nestabilities standard circles to cut the image. Have fun trying this out and hope you are able to follow this.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my creations and hope you all are able to follow the instructions. Have a Great Hump Day tomorrow!!

You need to start with a 9" x 12" cardstock and scor according to the measurements on the 9" side

On the 12" side scor according to the measurements
Cut as shown
Tape on the opposite side of cardstock
Place together as shown
Tape side tabs to the sides
Tape the top of box
Finished box
Cut a 5" square and scor 1" all around to make the holder and cut a circle for the cupcake.

Side view of cupcake box


Yummy Cupcakes

It was a spur of a moment thing that I wanted to bake cupcakes this weekend. I decided to make a box for it and came up with this. So I used a 12"x 9" cardstock and started to create it. The box is a 3" square and a fold over cover. I used "AmpleeTude" from Stamping Bella and Nesting Flowers Cookie cutter Dies to place her on it. I was planning on making several of these but it sure does take a lot of time so I may have to re-think it. I baked a yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting for the cupcakes. It was sooo yummy for dessert! Well back work tomorrow and hope you all have a Great Week!


Tote All Package

The weekend is almost here!! More time for crafting and creating. I can't wait for the Hawaii Woman Expo this weekend. I'm hoping to find something good there....

I actually told myself I need to stop for a bit and concentrate on finishing up the invitations that I'm working on for work. We're half way there but wanted to do something different for a change and decided to make this Tote All Package. I got the template from My Time Made Easy. I cheated this time, although I know I could have made it myself I thought this package was really cute and wanted to make it. The DP that I am using is actually something that I downloaded and printed from shutterstock.com. I love pink and green together. The bag measures 6-1/2" wide, 6" tall and 1-3/4" deep. Pretty big to add some goodies!!

*Life is not measured by how many breaths we take...but by the moments that take our breath away!! Have a Great weekend!


Christmas Tags, Birthday card and Paper trash bag

Since I had a 3 day weekend I decided to start working on my Christmas tags. I wanted to start it early and not want to be late in sending it to my partner. I joined in the challenge from Kyoko's blog this month and thought it was a great idea and I better not be late!! Anyway, my partner this month is Joy and hopefully she'll like the tags I made for her. For some reason when I take the pictures at night the lighting is really bad so please excuse the bad photos.

My next photo is of a fabric trash bag for paper that I created on the weekend. I wanted to make something that will hang at the edge of my craft table where I can throw the bits and pieces of paper trash while I'm crafting. I previously made one earlier for my sewing machine to catch all the thread and small fabric pieces that I cut and wanted to make another for paper.
Lastly, I had to make a RUSH birthday card for a guy who turned 20 on the weekend! I don't normally make boy cards for some reason and this time I had to make something blue. It turned out pretty good I think.

Trash bag for paper!!
Birthday card


Favor purse!

Still another purse again....I'm being obsessed with making purses this week. This is a really cute purse that can be used as a favor. The size of this is 4" w x 3" h. This is a long weekend to look forward to more crafting and creating! Thanks for stopping by and Have a nice long weekend!!


Cupcakes and earrings

Ok so no paper crafts today but made a crystal beaded cupcake instead. My friend asked if I knew how to make a beaded cupcake. It definitely was a challenge to make it but it turned out okay I think. Of course I really needed a pair of magnified glasses but I managed with out it. I tried to take better pictures but because of the reflection I was seriously having problems. I also made some earrings while I was at it. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry.... I may have to go outdoors to take the pictures since the lighting in the house doesn't do any justice.

Anyway TGF tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Weekend!