Another purse but it's a Thank you card!

Here's a purse but it's a Thank you card for Gail Woo in San Francisco who had me for Jen's Aloha Rak for August.  She sent me alot of awesome goodies and will post them this week sometime after I take a picture of them all.  Love them all.  Thanks Gail!!

Here's another Thank you card that I made for Joy, also for all the goodies that I won from her blog.  I was doing too many things at one time that I don't remember if I sent one to her or not so I made it anyway because I really needed to Thank her.  I made a list of cards that I needed to make but guess what...I think it got trashed when I cleaned out my purse.  Oh well I guess I need to get organized and not get involved in too many things at one time.  I'm sure you all know how that goes right?


Superstar Anya Blog Candy giveaway!

Enjoli is giving away another blog candy.  Check her out for this awesome blog candy giveway! 


It's the bag lady again!

It's another purse that I designed and created again.  This purse measures about 7" wide and 4-1/2" tall.  The inside of the purse is 5" wide x 3-1/2" x 5/8" d.  I'll be able to make a couple note cards to include in the bag along with a gift card.  I used the jumbo grommets for the handles since I did not have ribbon to match.  The paper is by Amy Butler.  I am planning on giving this to my friend for her birthday.  I hope she'll like it!

I went to the Made in Hawaii Expo yesterday and it was sooooo crowded!! My grand daughter saw the panda at one of the booths and wanted to get it.  So she kept bugging me to make another for her.  So this morning I attempted to make her the bear which is so funny because I didn't have a pattern for it and she was telling me what colors she wanted the ears and and mouth.  It looks funny but she likes it anyway.  Just wanted to show you what my projects were this morning with her.  I guess felt animals is not my cup of tea just yet....
We also went to J's Knicknacks and I met Janis and Cheryl there for the first time.  After the Expo we headed down to Kahala Mall to Pineapple Cove.  My sisters eye doctor was there and she had to pick up her glasses so I figured I'd stop by to say hi and look around.  After that we also stopped at Photo Craft since I needed to pick up some glue and also looked around.  We made it a day and headed back home to Wahiawa!  Boy was I tired when I got home.  But of course I still had to cook dinner!  Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great rest of the weekend today!



A couple Tea Boxes and a card

I'm back again! I've been away from crafting for a couple days of being sick with the flu and actually stayed home from work for the rest of the week. I was in no mood for crafting even if I wanted to. Anyway, I was hoping to get better by today because I want to go to the Made in Hawaii Expo today and do a little shopping here and there.

Anyway I made a couple of tea boxes last night and was experimenting on the size and how I should make the boxes. I thought it turned out cute especially after I put the images on them. The sides of the boxes measures 3" in depth, the front and back are 2-1/2" wide and the height is 4" tall. On the pink box I used my curved rectangle nestabilites for the opening and it fit perfect! The brown box I cut the opening with the exacto and it's okay but I really like the pink box opening. All in all I like them both anyway.

I also made this card for Jayne who is my partner for the August RAK for PCP. The challenge for the month is to make a card using black and white and another color. It was tough for me and I know that I have silver, gray, white, black and pink but it looks black and white to me! hee hee!! I tried the "out of frame technique" and it was challenging for me because I somehow chopped her toes off with the scissors. I guess I need to keep practicing more on it. Anyway I hope she likes this card!


OCS card and Thank you

This first card was given to me by Amy - nscrafter who is a new blogger.  I sent some images to her.  She's new to this blogging addiction and loves to do crafts.  Check it out when you get the chance.  

This second card is for my August OCS card that I just sent out yesterday.  I used the Gorjuss Girl again because I love coloring them and wanted to make it really cute and simple.  I also used the cute butterfly buttons by doodlebug design that I picked up from Cute Stuff.
I haven't been feeling well since the weekend.  I must have caught the flu, so crafting is being put on the hold for now until I can get the energy back.  Until then Happy Crafting and creating!


Cup cake anyone?

Sorry no posting the past few days.  I've been really busy doing other things.

Here's a cupcake that I made using 2 wash cloths.  As I started to roll the 1st wash cloth you need to stick the flower in the middle with the stem.  I also used a flower punch for the pink flower.  I rolled the 1st wash cloth really tight going around and then adding the 2nd wash cloth rolling it really tight again.  I used scotch tape to hold it together at the end.  Get a square piece of cellophane and wrap from the bottom and tape it together before putting the pink cardstock.  I used a pink strip of card stock about 2" wide and crimped it with the wavy crimper and tied a bow around the cupcake.  Great for favors!  Thanks for stopping by checking out my blog today!


No purses today just a card

Today I don't have a purse or bag to post!  I had to work late last night so no creating when I got home but decided to make a card instead.  I wanted to try to color this image from Inky Impressions because I really do need practice with my copics.  It was a challenge coloring the image but it was fun anyway.  I need to look for more images to keep practicing.  


RAK's for some friends

Thank goodness the hurricane didn't hit us.  Although  it's raining we needed some of that anyway.
Made a few gift card purses and gift holders for some friends.  The purses are from Martha Stewart's tutorial.  I don't have the link but you will be able to find it from her website.  


Halloween favor boxes

No purses in this post today....
I know it's only August but I started to work on some Halloween favor boxes this past weekend.  The size of the boxes turned out larger than what I originally planned on but it looks okay.  It's 4-1/2" wide, 2" thick and 3-1/2" tall.  More chocolate candy to fill in them...yummy!  I used my Cricut to cut out the Hello Kitty and Anya for the other.  I printed the Halloween prints since I didn't get the chance to go and look for some at the store.  Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great week! Be Safe when the storm comes!!


Another Purse

Here's another purse again!  I used the curved rectangle mega nestabilities for the main part of the purse.  I also used it for the top portion of the purse but cut it in half and used it for the front and the back of the purse.  The inside of the purse is about 1" thick.  I wasn't sure what to put in the front for the closure so I decided to use one of my crochet flowers and added the leaf button on top of it.  I was trying to think of something for a favor for a Halloween party but didn't get the chance to pick up orange and black paper so I used these colors instead.  I got carried away making this purse so I guess I will not be making this for the favors.  I guess I need to brainstorm again and think of something a little bit easier.  It actually turned out pretty good and really sturdy.  


Designer Bag Tutorial

Ok I hope you are able to follow this tutorial.  I finally tried to make one but as mentioned before I just have a hard time doing tutorials that I had to have my sister take the pictures as I was folding it.  
Here goes:
I hope this was easy enough to follow but it's the best I could do.  Thanks for stopping by!!


Post it note holders

I am working on another project this week.  I need to make 30 different post it note holders in the small, medium and large sizes.  Here's a few that I'm done with and I just noticed that the green post it shifted to the left for some reason.  Oh well I need to fix that.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy crafting and Have a great weekend!!


Thank you card

I have a few Thank you cards that I need to create before I do anything else.  I love these Gorjuss girls so I thought I'd try and make one with several girls on the card without cutting them out.  It turned out pretty good I think and since pink and green is a great match I thought of trying it out.  Thanks Kyoko for the images!



Sorry this is a little long of a post but I didn't want to forget to post this and show everyone of all the Happy mail that I received!  Here goes:

What an Awesome RAK that I received from Denise today!  I won 3rd place for the Himawari challenge and Denise was so nice to send me all this.  I love purple too and I also love the earrings!  I totally appreciate everything that I have received from all who sent me happy mail!  I feel so fortunate to have met everyone through crafting and blogging and hope someday I am able to meet you all.  Thank you!
I won this next RAK from Joy.
I love the Gorjuss Girls and the funny thing is that my favorite colors are Pink, Green, and Purple.  The card she made for me is just that!  I just love it.  Joy Thank you sooo much for everything.  You are awesome!

This next RAK I received is from Lyn who was my partner for July's PCP RAK.  She was so nice to want to be my partner for the month of July.  The previous month I was partnered with someone who I never received a RAK nor did she acknowledge that she received my RAK to her and Lyn was so nice to make up for it.  She was so happy to be partnered with someone from Hawaii.  Lyn.. Thank you so much for everything I received from you!  We'll be partners again someday I'm sure.  
This next RAK that I received is from Anne from Jen's July ALOHA RAK.  She included all kinds of goodies in the box and boy was I surprised with everything that I received.  Thanks Anne for everything! 

I received this card from Joni H. who sent this to me when I wasn't feeling well.  That was so sweet of her to do that.  Great coloring on the image.  I need to practice coloring on the images.  Thanks so much!


Made some favors for some friends coming over on the weekend.  I used all different Anya's and Ian for about 16 favors.  It was fun coloring them but then I ran out of ink for the hair and flesh.  I didn't realize how much ink you use for both the hair and flesh so I had to go pick some up before I could finish it up.  It was fun putting them all together.  The paper is actually something that I printed from a wall paper that I downloaded a while ago.


Flower Soap

Here's 2 of the crochet flower packs that I am sending out this week.  I thought it was neat to also send out some flowers that are actually "Hand Soap"(the picture above).  So winners of my flowers, please don't use them on your creations since it's not made out of paper.  They are actually scented hand soap but I wanted to share this with everyone because they actually look like we could use them for crafting.  I ordered the flower soaps a long time ago but just happened to find them together with all my crafts.  I might have mistaken it for paper flowers at one time.  My grand daughter loves flowers so I ordered these a while ago and she would wash her hands all the time just so that she could smell them.  


Kreativ Blog Award received!

I am honored to receive this award from Michele.
She is a very talented and creative crafter herself.  Thanks Michele for this award.

The rules for this award are:
1. Thank the person that nominated you for this award.
2. Copy logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link the person's blog that nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post a link to the 7 you nominated.
7.Leave a comment on each blog to let them know they are nominated.

1.  I have 3 sons ages (32, 30 & 24) and 1 step daughter age (23).  

2.  My middle son is in Afhganistan and my oldest son lives in Las Vegas.  Two of my 3 sons are married 

3.  I have 3 grandsons and 2 grandaughters.

4.  I don't like scary movies.

5.  I love meeting new people despite the fact that I'm VERY shy.

6.  I love to watch Korean drama movies.

7.  I got married 11 months ago but been together for 14 years.

Okay, so now I am supposed to nominate 7 other crafters for this award. 
I know you all received this award already so I want to share this award to all Kreativ Crafters out there!!



I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments on why you all enjoy and like to do crafts.  I guess we all have something in common because crafting is a great way to relax, relieve stress and share our creations with friends!  


ANGIE  -  My Boat
CHARLOTTE  -  No blog
AMY  -  Maui Paper Crafter

Please email me your address so I can have your flowers mailed to you.
Thank you to all who have participated and look forward to doing this again someday.