Halloween Table Centerpiece

I'm getting ahead of myself and made this Halloween Table centerpiece. I saw another version of this but it was much smaller than this one so I had to re-create it with my own dimensions. I drew a triangle, added tabs to the sides and bottom so I could attach them together. There are 3 pieces total for the triangle then made another 3 triangles for the top black part. The bottom of it is 6" wide and I used my Silhouette machine to cut the circle and scallop bottom. In order to take the candies out, you will need to cut off the top under the black piece to get the candies.The bottom of the triangle measures about 4-1/4" wide. It stands about 6" tall. The DP is from K & Company which I had left from last Halloween. Lastly, I added hershey kisses inside which is the best part of it. It turned out the way I wanted it to and I'm happy. Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!!


August CATS

Talk about procrastinating....I've been busy with trying to organize my craft room and only finished my CATS for August today. My partner this month is Teri and this month we are supposed to create a card and tag using ribbons. I used Chloe from Pink Gem Designs and really had no clue what I was going to do. I didn't want to make a complicating card and forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card. It's actually the same DP as the tag. It turned out cute I think. Anyway I hope she likes this card and tag. Thanks for stopping by to check out my creations and TGIF!!


Sunset on the North Shore

No craft photos today but actually went on a long walk on the North Shore on the weekend and took some pictures of the sunset. It was a really nice day for the walk and even better evening watching the sunset and taking pictures of the turtles.
This next picture is taken from Kiaka Park. We parked at Alii Beach Park then walked all the way to Haleiwa Beach Park, around the park and back to Alii Beach Park then all the way to Kiaka Park then back to Alii Beach Park. Wow that was so much walking in one day. Earlier in the morning we went to the Made In Hawaii Expo at the Blaisdell and walked around on both sides to see everything. We then went to Ala Moana shopping center to walk around and had lunch at Bubba Gump. Then my husband decided he wanted to go to the North Shore to do more walking. Whew........that sure was alot of walking in one day. I think we walked enough for the whole week.


The bag lady strikes again!

Wow it's been a while since I've created a bag! I used the Spellbinders Labels eight to cut out the top of the bag. It's almost like a animal cracker box. As for the flower, I put it together a long time ago but never used. I think it did not match the creation that I was working on at the time so I just stuck it back in the box. Wouldn't you know it, the color matched perfect with this DP. This bag measures 4"wide x 3" tall x 1-1/2" deep. I really like it and will probably do it again! Anyway thanks everyone for stopping by to check out my creations and Have a Great Day!


Flowers Galore

Taking a break today from finishing the treasure chests. Although I do need to finish them by next Saturday. I started crocheting flowers again yesterday and also decided to make some ribbon roses and lace flowers too. I used satin ribbons, twill ribbons, lace and crochet threads to make them all. I'm actually thinking of making a bunch and selling them and also to use them on my cards. Anyway just wanted to show you all my project that I am working on this week and hope you all enjoyed seeing them. It's finally Friday Yay!! Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Day!


Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Chest

No cards to share but a project that I am working on for our company picnic in a couple weeks. The theme for the picnic is "Pirates of the Caribbean" so I thought that i could make these treasure chests to put on the tables for the centerpieces. I saw a pinata at Price Busters and it gave me an idea to make the centerpieces. I used a card board box and cut the rolls of crepe paper to cover the boxes. After making one I thought it was a great idea but of course got carried away decorating it. I'm actually making 15 of them and hopefully I'll be able to finish it by next week. I thought I could finish in time but with my granddaughters birthday party I had to finish hers first. I'm happy that one of my co-worker and her husband is helping with them. Whew.....These boxes measure about 8-1/2" d x 11" w x 12" h. It's a pretty good size and looks like I got to get alot of goodies to make it full. Hopefully this is my last project for a while. It's really taking a toll on me... Want to get back into make my cards again... Hope you all have a Great Day and thanks for stopping by to check out my creations!


Mickey Mouse goodies

Sorry this is a long post! Finally done with everything I think. I've been quite busy the past couple of weeks! Can you tell? Made all of this for my youngest granddaughter who just turned 1 year old. Her party is this weekend so I had to hurry up and finish everything. Posted her invitations earlier and the tablets that I did to include in their goodie bags.

Decided to make these little favors at last minute but only did 50 since thats all the red paper I had on hand and it took some time to make. She loves Mickey Mouse so luckily I found the punch a while back and wanted to make something so I could use it. Turned out really cute!
These are the centerpieces for the tables. Had to cover the labels on the containers which I almost forgot about it. Found a cute picture of her on her moms facebook photo album and used it for the label. Love it!

Last but not least all the goodie bags for the kids. I sewed 55 of these bags for the little boys and girls. I could not find Mickey or Minnie mouse fabric to make the bags and they decided to go with this print which I think is cute. I chose the pink for the girls and the brown for the boys. As I sewed them I took them to work so I could use my lunch time to insert the drawstrings in them. My friends at work also helped me after we ate lunch. I'm so thankful that they love doing these things too and helped me out. There is 1 more thing that I totally forgot and need to think of something quick. The envelope box! My son asked me if I could make it and I said yes but with everything else on my mind I forgot. Well it will have to be something simple since I am running out of time. Thank you all for stopping by to check out my creations! Your support and comments sure mean alot and keeps me going. Thanks again!
Still working on my craft room renovations and hopefully I will be able to post some pictures when its done. Have a Great Day!