Sympathy Card and Image folders

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I have several creations to share today. My husband kept forgetting to get a Sympathy card for today so I told him that I will make one for him and when he gets up it'll be ready on the kitchen table to take with him. I told him I will make a fast and simple card. He was okay with it and was surprised when he saw it in the morning. I added the butterflies to it at last minute because I thought it was missing something on it. It turned out pretty good I think. What drove me crazy was this crazy MS butterfly punch that I got and does not work the way it supposed to. Too bad I threw the packaging away for it and not sure if I have the receipt but it does not punch all the way. I have to use my scissors to cut it off. I still like it anyway.

This next photo is a 3 x 3 post it note holder. I made it for my partner at work that we did the card exchange for. I must have been tired but I tried several times to cut the card stock to make this but kept cutting it wrong. On top of that I scored it wrong several times too. I saw several different versions and dimensions for it but none of them came out the way it should. I decided to just measure it out myself and it finally fit.
I was thinking of baking cupcakes for today since this was our first card exchange but I got home last night and decided to make these image folders instead. I know I'm crazy but sometimes I get carried away when I'm in the crafting mood. Sorry my post is a long one but wanted to include everything. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!


Red, White & Blue

I previously posted one of the cards but did not make the matching tag then. As I mentioned in my other post I had to make 2 sets of Red,White & Blue card and tag sets this month. Some of my co-workers and I are also swapping cards and tags for this month and the theme was also Red,White and Blue. Not too sure how this is going to work out or how long it will last since some are getting stressed out with it. Anyway its been hectic for myself this month too with sewing all those goodie bags for 2 different parties. I didn't really put too much thought into making my cards since the parties are on my mind to be completed for August but knew I had to create something for both sets. As I was thinking of what to do for the tag, I punched stars out of Red and Blue paper and glued them together. I then put a flower on top of it and after it was glued down it looked like a Poinsetta flower. Something I could do for Christmas I guess. I hope they both like their cards anyway. This first set is for my CATS partner Karen. Have a Happy Hump Day and Thanks for stopping by!
This next set is for my co-worker. Love this stamp since I just bought a camera and still learning to use it.


Hello Kitty Drawstring bags

Since I am sewing bags for my grand daughters birthday party, I decided to sew some Hello Kitty drawstring bags too. Sorry my pictures are a little blurry but I used my cell phone to take the pic. I know crazy me just bought a new camera but still using my cell phone. I guess it was easier to use than to take everything out of the bag. Sewing is my other passion from doing paper crafts and beading. Hope you all have a Great weekend!


Birthday Card and favor bags

Of course this is last minute for me again in making this birthday card. I didn't get the chance to make a birthday card or go to the store and buy one so I decided to make a quick one for the party we were going to. I had only 1 hour so I had to think fast. I wanted to make it really simple and since I rushed my coloring wasn't too great either. You can't really see it since I shrunk the pictures. Love the cupcake border and finally got the chance to use it for this card.
This next picture is a bunch of favor bags for a group of crafters that I will be spending my Saturday morning with. This of course was also last minute too, so I started and finished last night. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to make but came up with this quick one and was able to finish it in time. Thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great Weekend!


July C.A.T.S.

I finally got to take pictures of my July CATS from Karen Inouye. Her card is so awesome and detailed with cute little buttons and she also tied some string through it. This card is so sweet and not sure that I'll use it for now. I took some close up pictures to show you. She also sent some rub on stickers and jewels. I have not yet sent my card but will before the end of the month. I thought I was going to be able to finish it early but so many things came up, then I had an emergency for myself and ended up in the hospital so there was no crafting for me. I'm trying to get back on track and hope to finish it soon.
Thanks for stopping by today and have a Great Day!


Mickey Mouse Invitations

Finally finished my grand daughter's 1st birthday invitations. I used my Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter to cut all the circles for the invitations. It sure makes alot of noise while cutting so I had to cut them during the day since it's soooo noisy. I was thinking I was going to cut all the buttons from paper but decided to use real buttons instead for the invitations. It looked much better! For the tablets, the Silhouette cutter joins the circles together so I did not need to cut it separate and that saved ALOT of time to cut all the heads. I found some DP with the Disney characters and they were just the right size to fit across the tablets. I will be adding this into their goodie bags along with some other goodies. Hope you all have a Great Weekend and Thanks for stopping by to check out my creations!


Red, White & Blue

Hope you all had a fun filled 4th of July. Thank goodness the air was clear and my asthma didn't act up from any fireworks. It sure was a HOT weekend but was nice and sunny too. I am working on 2 different Red, White & Blue cards to swap this month but haven't decided who I'm going to give it to. One of the cards is for the C.A.T.S. that Joy coordinates monthly and hopefully this month I'll be able to finish before the month ends! The other card is a swap with my co-workers that are in to paper crafts. I can't remember the name of this stamp but got it from ATS and I think its called Camera Birgitta. I took the pictures with my ipad and used the Diptic APP to put the photos together. It's so much easier to get alot of pictures together. Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!


Cards and Tags partners creations!

This first set of card and tag was created by Brenda who was my C.A.T.S. partner for the month June. It is just so adorable and I just love this set. She also made a 3 x 3 post it note holder that matched the card and tag. The tent card is awesome and hopefully I will try to make it someday.

This second set of card and tag was created by Grace Winchester who was my partner for the month of May. She also included with this set a clear stamp that I forgot to take a picture of. What a neat idea for the glass filled with the fruits like a lemonade. Love them both! It's awesome to see all the different creations monthly.
If you want to join this fun & creative C.A.T.S. monthly, jump on over to JOY's blog to check out the details and also to see all her creations. Thanks for stopping by today and hope you all have a nice holiday weekend!