Koala giraffe Milk carton favors

Here is another version of the milk carton favors. Since my niece likes giraffes she chose this Koala Giraffe instead. It turned out really cute and it matches some stuff that she had already gotten from her first baby shower. Ok now to get started in making the rest. Hopefully I'll only need to make about 60 this time. At least this one is a bit easier than the booties.
I wanted to show you the picture of the bin she received that I wanted to try and match it. It turned out pretty good I think. Hope you all have a nice weekend and Have a Great Day!


Baby Booties

I was able to get a picture of the booties that I made for my nieces baby shower from a friend who still had it on her desk. She didn't open it yet so I was lucky that she let me take the picture. The pattern is actually a girls bootie with the front opening and a strap to go over the foot. I had to alter the pattern to make it for a boy so he could have shoe laces. Since my niece likes stars and giraffes I also added the star to the front of the bootie and the giraffe on the label. I thought I was going to only make about 30 in the beginning and as the week went by and everyone RSVP'd it turned out being about 85 co-workers. Wow that was alot of work! It was fun though and so worth it. I now am working on another one for her for a June shower. She'll be overwhelmed with baby stuff. Great!
My next challenge is favors for my granddaughter who will be making 1 year old at the end of July. I better get on the ball thinking of something. I know her theme will be Disney - Mickey Mouse so it shouldnt be too bad. But knowing me it will probably be last minute and I'll stress on it. Anyway Thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great Memorial Day weekend!!


Baby shower favors

Working on some baby shower favors for my niece. Just got done making 85 boy booties and guess what I forgot to take a picture. Anyway this is for another shower and not as time consuming as the booties. Hope she likes them... I have not done much paper crafting lately but hope to keep up again... Thanks for stopping to check it out and Have A Great Day!


Hello Kitty Wall Clocks

I know I've been away from blogging and paper crafting for quite some time. I really want to start creating and crafting again soon but have been tremendously busy and just not enough time to do much. Here I made 2 quick Hello Kitty Wall Clocks with stickers and a Hello Kitty cut out that I've cut with my Cricut some time ago. I took this wall clock apart many months ago and never did anything with it. I know I should have made it another color but it turned out okay. I still continue to surf blogs whenever I get the chance. Thank you for stopping by to check out my creations!!