Santa and his friends

Wow its been a while since I've posted to my blog.  I've been really busy sewing and making bags and other things.  I decided to make these cute winter friends to use as table centerpieces.  The box is a good size and measures about 4" wide and tall.  These guys was fun to make and I'm probably going to make at least another set of these guys.   Thanks for stopping by and if I don't post anything up until Christmas, Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Holiday Season!

Mr. Snowman
Mrs. Gingerbread
Mr. Penguin


2013 Desk / Wall Calendar

I'm getting prepared for the New Year so I started making these calendars early.  They turned out really cute and the images were colored with copic markers.  I added some flourishes cut from my silhouette machine, paper roses and clear half beads to the 4 corners.  I was actually to get the calendars today because it just came in.  Thanks for stopping by to check on my creations even though I haven't been able to post often.  Have a Great Week!  


Baby Hello Kitty

Here is a baby Hello Kitty that I created tonight.  This may be the last HK card that I will be doing this week since my family and I will be going camping for the weekend.  A break away is fun and relaxing and hopefully it won't rain this weekend.  
I used the "Whimsical Words" sentiment and butterfly from Stampin Up and not sure where the DP came from since I picked it several of them when I last went to Joann's in Las Vegas.  Thanks for stopping by my blog seeing all the different Hello Kitty's that I recently created.  Have a Great rest of the week.


Hello Kitty Mutant Ninja and Pirate

Created another new Hello Kitty again.  This turned out really cute after I was done with it.  It was a challenge to do this but I knew I could do it.  This will probably be my last Hello Kitty Halloween card for now but had fun making all the different costumes.  I also made some pirates and added some pink twinkle embellishments to it too.  The pirates took a while to put together since there are alot of pieces to glue together.  I'm not so sure I'd do that again but it turned out cute anyway.  Thanks for checking out my blog to see the new creations and Have a Great Hump Day today.


Vintage Card and Desk Set

I guess you can say I've been on a vintage making weekend.  I created this cute card that actually holds the 2 tags.  It actually was for a card swap but decided to keep it myself because I didn't want anyone to feel offended since its a piggy mask.  It turned out so cute that I thought of making another with a different stamp image.  My second creation is a cute desk set that holds 3 post-its and a box of paper clips.  You can actually use it for other things from your desk but this turned out great with the post its and clips.  I added the desk set to my Etsy store if you are interested.  Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!


Hello Kitty cards creations

As you can see I have been on a Hello Kitty card making journey.  I started my Etsy account "https://www.etsy.com/your/listings" and have been busy creating these cards to try it out and see how it goes.  I love creating them and is just enjoying it for the moment.  I've been creating other cards too but these are my favorite so far and I know its been a while since my last blog post.  Thank you to all for stopping by my blog to check them out.  Have a Great rest of the week!


Got Chicks?

Got chicks anyone?  Isn't this just sooo cute...I wanted to make some favors for my brother's birthday brunch and since he likes and has chickens as his pets I thought this was a cute idea.  I filled it with a bag filled with candies.  Hope my family will all love this..  I cut this from my Silhouette Cameo. 


Double sided cards

I have created 2 double sided cards this past weekend.  We started up our monthly card swaps again and the theme was to create a Fall or Autumn card.  I had no clue what to make and I also had a whole month to think of it.  As usual I made it the day before it was due.  I wanted to create something different and special and decided to make it this way.  This is my third card creating it this same way.  I actually really liked it when I was done and didn't want to swap it with anyone else.  The other card was created for a friend for her daughters birthday.  I wasn't sure when her birthday was but found out when I gave it to her that it already past.  Oh well I had fun making then.  I know it's a lot of work but my heart was in it to finish.  I hope she liked it.  I think I'll be making a special one for myself and this time not giving it away.  I'm actually thinking of creating more cards and starting an Etsy account to sell them.  We'll see how that goes.  As for now I'll keep on trying to get my mojo back in full gear!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the week!


Random cards

I made these cards a while ago but didn't get the chance to post them.    I never got to use this stamp "Flower Fest" and finally decided to use it.  Sorry the photos are a little blurry and again used my phone to take the photos.  Trying to get my mojo back but is sure taking a long while.   Thanks for stopping by and hope to get back into the crafting mode again soon. 
This wedding card was made for a friend a while ago.


Simply Sweet Addictions

It's been a long while since my last post on my blog.  I've been in a slump and actually created some stuff but didn't take any pictures of them.  If you have noticed I have changed my blog name to "Simply Sweet Addictions".  I used to collect tons of bears and that was how my blog name came about then.  So since I create stuff that is "addicting" and love to bake sweets I decided to change it.  Anyway here I made some favors to hold my favorite candy skittles.  I can't remember what site I saw the tutorial to make this but it holds the candy perfectly well.   I also got a few new stamps from Island Paperie below while I was on Maui for a short vacation.  I used them to make the card below.  Wow it's been quite sometime too since I've last made a card too.  Hope to be back in the swing of crafting but thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great Week!


Hello Kitty Gift bag

 Yay! It's my second post for the month.  Actually beat last month at least any way I created this last minute especially since today is the party.  I used a plain white gift bag and decorated it with Hello Kitty.  Her theme is Hello Kitty so I thought this was perfect!  I cut the Hello Kitty, name and bow with my Silhouette machine.  I so love this machine!  Thanks for stopping by checking out my post for today!  Have a Great Weekend!

Orange Dreamsicle Cupcakes

This is not a post of paper crafts but instead posting a picture of the cupcakes that I baked today.  I  felt like baking so I baked some "Orange Dreamsicle" cupcakes today.  It turned it really good especially since this was the first time making this flavor.  I think I'm adding this to my list for sure!  Gonna try to paper craft tonight because I need to make several birthday cards.  Thanks for checking out my dessert today.  Have a great day!!


Picture Frames

 It's been a while since my last post of creations since I've been really busy the past months.  These are samples of 4 different picture frames that everyone will be able to pick from to make.  At our company summer picnic every year we have some kind of crafts for everyone to make.  This year this is what I came up with.  I cut out everything with both my Silhouette and Eclips machines and prepared everything.  The only thing that everyone will need to put together is the frame itself.  All the little add on's cut from my silhouette are already prepared with foam stickers already.  It sure is alot of work to prepare and can't wait until it's all done.  The picnic is this Saturday!  Yay!!  After this I can finally go back to creating for myself.  lol  Thanks for stopping by to check this out and Have a Great Week!


Mother's Day Purses

 It's been a while since my last post.  I have been so crazy busy in the past couple months but actually found some time to make these cute little purses for Mother's Day.  Of course I created it last minute but it's the thought that counts..right.  These were cut from my Silhouette machine.  It actually measures 5"w x 4-1/2" tall. Had fun making these and for a change from working on work stuff these past months.  I'm almost done with work stuff and hopefully can get back to more crafts again.  Thanks for stopping by to check out these cute purses.


Gift Bag Idea

Trying to get my mojo back!  Here is a gift bag that I created making post it note holders in 3 different sizes.  I've also included a flourescent yellow highlighter with a pink sharpie pen.  Not included is a ruler that I wanted to put in this bag but didn't have time to look for it when I took this picture.  Yes I've been in a copic coloring mood again.  I'm having fun making these while my mojo is back.  I didn't make this for a specific person but if anyone is interested in a gift bag for some one, email me and I might have just what you need.  I'm just getting ahead of myself incase you want to give a mother this package for "Mothers Day" for her desk.  As you can see I've used various images in this package.  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!  Take Care and thanks for stopping by.


Bunny Lucy Favors

Here are some last minute favors that I made using Bunny Lucy.  I was going to color them using photoshop but decided to color it myself with my copics.  I didn't do a great job at it but oh well it was  last minute anyway and I got to pick the colors that I wanted for them.  Hope you all had a great Easter@ Have a Great Week.


Easter card and tag

Wow this is a fast card that I made today. This was cut with my Eclips machine. I've been getting spoiled and cutting with my Eclips and Silhouette machine makes things much more easier and I just love it. I need to get my act together and start making more cards for myself. I need to make alot of all different cards because I always seem to be looking for a card for a party. Thanks for checking out my creations and Have a Great Week.


Easter Projects

I finally finished my Easter projects today. I am so glad it was a holiday for me so I could get some crafting time in today. I used my Silhouette to cut these projects and they were so much fun to put together. Some of the embellishments that I used was from JoAnn's when I was there in Las Vegas last month. I wanted to be sure that I was going to use it so I was determined to make these Easter crafts. Hope you all had a great weekend as I have had the past 4 days off! Back to work again tomorrow so have a great rest of the weekend! Thanks for stopping by!