Heart goodie bags

I still have not had the chance to check other creations but I've had a chance to work on some crafts this weekend. I found a heart shaped goody bag with some candy that was for Valentine's day from Walmart and decided to copy it and make my own. I had some DP stashed away that I brought back from JoAnn's in Las Vegas a while ago so I decided to use them for this project. This bag measures 6-1/2" wide and 6" tall. The top closes with a flap over to the back side and I used a velcro for the closure.
Sorry my pictures are a little blurry. I forgot to charge my battery for my camera so again I used my phone camera. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and Have a Great Day!


Key to my heart

Don't you just love this image. I do anyway! I have been super duper busy since my last creation and have not had the chance to create anything. I'm still here doing other things but not anything to do with paper crafts. I hope to be back real soon to create something for Valentines Day. I've just been SUPER busy at work and been getting home late the past couple of weeks since the holidays and NO time whatsoever for crafts! I hope to check out other blogs this 3 day weekend! Have a nice weekend everybody!!


2011 Calendar

So here's my 2nd creation of the beginning of the year. I'm using "Sweet Heart Birgitta". This calendar measures 8-1/2" tall x 5-1/2" wide. I created the calendars in excel using DJ inkers images and fonts. I also used "The Cinch" to bind the calendar together. I added pockets on the inside of the front and back covers. Hopefully I'll be able to create more while I'm still reorganizing my craft room. It's a never ending story with my craft room. I'm going through some craft things that I want to get rid of but it sure takes a lot of time to go through everything. Anyway thanks for stopping by and Have a Great Week!