Last 2009 postings

Gosh how time flies by so quickly!! It's almost the end of the year already. I am so behind in my crafts that I really need to get my butt in gear. I have several cards that I need to create and send out soon. I also need to clean my craft room this week. I am planning to get caught up by this weekend so I can start fresh for the New Year. I just can't believe how 2009 just flew by and looking back I am so grateful to have met alot of friends through blogging. Also all the creations that were made by everyone that are so inspiring and just awesome.
Anyway here's a post it set that I made that I am sending to a friend for being so patient since I am behind in sending a rak to her. I hope she likes it.
Here's a Valentine favor that I've put together tonight. I know I'm actually early with this but I saw something and wanted to make it right away before it gets wiped out of my brain. I'm sure all you crafters out there are the same way too. Anyway I hope you all have a Great week and a Happy New Year! Be Safe and Take Care. Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog.


Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas! Have a safe and fun holiday season!


Post its note holders!!

Here I finally finished this order for a friend. I procrastinated on this for weeks and finally made the effort to finish it this weekend. Now I can actually move on and finish my other stuff. It's less than 2 weeks for Christmas....now it's crunch time to finish my Christmas shopping. Thanks for stopping by today checking out my creations.


Post it note holder and Tea boxes

I am in the process of making a few post it note holders and hopefully will have time to finish everything since the weeks are going by so quickly. I went on chicnscratch and saw Angie Juda's tutorial for her post it note holders. I used the same concept but just changed it a little and was getting a little carried away.
Here's a few more tea boxes that I made last night. Still got a few more to go!
Hope you all have a Great Week and Happy Shopping!


Box of Goodies

Finally got my mojo back to create the past couple days. Here is a box that I made to fit assorted TAZO tea's in it or I could also use it to put candies to give out as gifts. I'm hoping to have enough time to make several of these in the next couple weeks. It sure seems like there is not enough time in one day for all the things that I want to do. Isn't the weeks just going by so quickly? I barely started Christmas shopping and really need to start this weekend. I also wanted to change my blog for the Christmas season but I surely don't have time for that either. Anyway hope you have a fun weekend and thanks for stopping by to check out my creations!!


Gift Box

So, I finally tried to make something tonight. Here's a box that I made to put a Christmas gift inside for my friend. It's not really a square box but downloaded it from online sometime ago. I can't really remember what site it was and hopefully I'll find it again because there were several different ones there that I wanted to try out. Have a Great Day!


Got Invited!

I got invited to Denise's house for a get together to meet a few local crafters. How sweet is she to open her lovely home to us all. Got to meet everyone for the first time! Although I did get there a couple hours later since I went to a brunch with my family earlier. Had a great time considering that I wasn't feeling all that great from the morning. I also made a couple make n takes that Brenda and Jenny put together.
I made a bunch of tissue holders and candy favors for everyone at Denise's gathering.
These were the awesome RAKS that I received from everyone. They are all so very creative!

Look at what i got in my grab bag! Brenda is just so creative. She also made the awesome sewing kit in the green box. What a perfect match since I do alot of sewing.

Thanks to you all it was fun!!