Purses, Purses, Purses

I am so sorry if my pictures are not as clear since I seem to have misplaced my camera charger somewhere in my craft room. I rearranged and cleaned up and can't find it. Hopefully it'll show up so in the mean time I am using my cell phone to take the pics. Anyway, I made a couple more purses for Mother's Day. I also made this accordian purse that I saw on Maria's blog. It was a fun all day craft day for me on Mother's Day so I ended up sewing a Dora dress for my granddaughter and made these purses. I will definitely do a tutorial for the smaller purse as soon as I can locate my camera charger because the battery is dead at the moment. Thank you for stopping by today and have a Great Week! Hope all you moms had a great day!


Mother's Day boxes for the girls

Since Mother's Day is on Sunday I made a few purses for my friends at work. Included in the boxes were some "Hello Kitty" Jelly Bellies in a box that I got from Price Busters and some chocolate macadamia hershey kisses. I also forgot to take a picture of them at home so I had to gather them back again at work so I could take a pic of it. I will try to do a tutorial of this. I am not really good at it but I'll try to do it this weekend. The measurements are 3-1/2" w x 3" h x 1-1/2" d. I measured it according to the jelly belly box so it could fit inside with the other candies. They turned out really cute and they loved it. Have a great rest of the day and to all mother's I hope you all have a "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" on Sunday.


Butterfly Bags and Hello Kitty Bag

Here is the Hello Kitty" bag that I sewed that I mentioned in a previous posting. Hello Kitty fabric is not the easiest to find these days but I was lucky to have found this print online and ordered it. I will be including this for the winners of my Blogaversary! I hope they like it.

Yesterday I went to a brunch at the Bird of Paradise at the Hawaii Prince Golf Club in Ewa with my family. All my sisters, brother, our spouses and our kids are all invited to join us and we try to a have a monthly get together and go to a different Sunday brunch every month. It's been really fun to see who has the best Sunday brunch. So far I like the Pagoda Sunday Brunch the best. Anyway I made these butterfly bags for all the mothers for Mothers day and filled them with chocolate macadamia hersheys. We end our day with going shopping after brunch all day!



Sorry for not posting the winners on Friday. I got home from work at 10:45 pm and was very exhausted from a long day at work. I didn't even get to turn my computer on and instead went to bed after taking a shower. I want to "Thank you" all for participating and coming by to check out my blog.

So here are the 2 winners!!!

1) #2 JOY



Please email me your address so I can mail the items to you!

Thank you!!