Sisters Card just for her

I made another flower pot card today.  We are having a sisters (4 of us) & 1 brother breakfast tomorrow morning at IHOP so we sisters decided to make a card for my oldest sister.  We used to meet once a month for breakfast to catch up and update anything interesting at a sit down restaurant.  We would then pick the next place ahead of time for the next month.  We all got busy and couldn't make the next month and the next month and so on.  Well I guess we're going to start up again and since we all didn't get to meet for Mother's Day we decided to give cards.  My other 2 sisters and I are all doing paper crafts for now and my oldest sister is into beads.  Anyway I hope she likes it.     

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Denise said...

OMGosh Elena, you need to teach me how to make one of these flower pot cards!! It is so beautiful.