Forever Friends

 I finally got a chance to make a card today after working on the 200 favors for a graduation party.  Thank goodness I'm almost done with it.  I just need to pick up the candies and fill them and then I'm done!  Yay!!  It was kinda tiresome....  I hope you can see the bear on this card but anyway it's one of my favorite bears.

Don't forget to checkout Jacilynn's Blog.  She has some Blog Candy and the winner will be announced on July 6.



Hi everybody this is not any paper crafting posting but wanted to share with you all my other creations that I make.  This was for a baby shower that I made a baby bouquet out of baby clothes, hair pins, receiving blanket and toys.  I wrapped it to look like roses and wrapped it like a bouquet of flowers.  She just loved this arrangement!  You can also do this for all occasions and use other items to wrap.

RAK's for Teri & Joni

Here's a couple of RAK's that I have sent out today for Teri and Joni.  I really liked the turquoise holder that I made a duplicate of it but changing the letters on the front.  I hope they like these!!  


Here is the 200 favors I am working on this week for a graduation party that is in a couple weeks.  I actually thought I had 3 more graduation parties to go to but it's really 4 more to go.  I decided to make the milk carton smaller because the large one is too big for the favors.  They really like this size and I think it's cute anyway.  I was going to use raffia to tie the bow since it's for a guy but I had the string just to show what it would look like and they actually like the string better.  I used 80 lb. paper called Poppy Sparkles and stamped silver stars all over after cutting it.


 I received this GREAT RAK this week from Joni H.  She was partnered with me for Jen's June RAK.  Thank you Joni I had no idea until I received it that it was you who had me this month.  Thanks again!!  

I also received this GREAT RAK today from Kyoko.  It's  a crayon box that was filled with Gorjuss Girls that I really like!  Thank you Kyoko I LOVE them......

It's been so great to have met all of you talented and creative sisters through blogging and who have come to my blog.  I give SPECIAL Thanks to Denise to have found my blog and have mentioned it to you through her blog.  She's a very talented crafter!!


Accordian file and graduation card

I put this accordian file together using the Anya hula girl.

I didn't realize how much graduation parties we had to go to this year but now it's 3 down and 3 more to go.  Made another graduation card for another party that I went to this past weekend.  



I am sending this out today for Jamee since I saw on her blog that she likes Roxy, so I put this together last night. Jamee I hope you still like Roxy stuff but your flowers are coming your way in it . It was a challenge to cut this out with my Silouette machine but I managed somehow. I don't use it as much as I should be using it because once I put it away I forget how to use it again or it will collect dust again.


Spots challenge

I couldn't work on any crafts all day today, make any crochet flowers or butterflies today since it was Fathers Day and having guests at the house all day until just 1/2 hour ago (10:00 pm).  
Anyway, I had this challenge tonite to make a card with spots, stripes or checks.  I couldn't decide what to do but ended up with this.  I chose the spots and hope this is okay.  I'm still new to this and hopefully will get better at it if can keep up.  

I needed to make an image holder really quick tonite so I can send it out tomorrow.  It will be a busy week for me this week and I need to make time to finish up some cards and crochet flowers that I need to send out.  I'm also having major problems with my paper cutter because it's not cutting straight....it's jagged edges look horrible.  I think I've been using it too much lately or I need to get a better one.   This turned out pretty good and hope she likes it.


I used the crochet flower and butterfly that I made on these cards.  I've had this bear stamps like forever and can't remember what it's called.  


Blog Award


Thanks for thinking of me Linda and for such lovely awards and awesome comments! I look forward everyday to sharing with all of you my creative ideas and love to visit everyone's blogs to get inspired too!  Take Care & Be Safe!  Got to get to work...It's Aloha Friday......Yay!!

Hello Kitty Accordian

Made this Hello Kitty accordian last month but forgot to take a picture of it.  The Hello Kitty was made from my Cricut machine.  I haven't had the chance to use it much but hope to before it collects dust. 


Just wanted to let you all know that the Chocolate Butter Mochi was sooooooo delicious!!!  Everyone just loved them!  Really soft and moist!!  I didn't over cook it too..... :)

Flowers to send

Here's a couple of RAK's for (Linda & Kyoko) that I'm done with and sending out.  Just wanted to post them since I took pictures of them and like the colors.  Had fun making them and hopefully will be able to post more creations using the flowers.  I was also able to create crochet butterflies too!  I hope they'll love them.  I do!!




I enjoy making these flowers and want to send some to the first 10 people who follow my blog and checking it out. It's great to use them on your creations! Just follow and you will receive!!

Don't forget to please send me your email & address if you're the first 10 to follow and hope you enjoy using them on your creations.

Thank you!

Gable Box

I baked "Chocolate Butter Mochi" last night and wanted to bring some to work. So I tried to make this "Gable" box to put it in and bring it. It turned out pretty good after trying several different sizes I liked this one best. Now lets see if the mochi tastes good since this is the first time making it.

Milk Carton

I made this milk carton really quick and filled it with some chocolate kisses for Father's Day.  Haven't made the card yet but will try to before Father's Day.


I got this cute card in the mail with some images from Denise yesterday.  That was so very sweet and nice of her to send it to me.  I love them!  Thanks Denise!  

Sisters Card just for her

I made another flower pot card today.  We are having a sisters (4 of us) & 1 brother breakfast tomorrow morning at IHOP so we sisters decided to make a card for my oldest sister.  We used to meet once a month for breakfast to catch up and update anything interesting at a sit down restaurant.  We would then pick the next place ahead of time for the next month.  We all got busy and couldn't make the next month and the next month and so on.  Well I guess we're going to start up again and since we all didn't get to meet for Mother's Day we decided to give cards.  My other 2 sisters and I are all doing paper crafts for now and my oldest sister is into beads.  Anyway I hope she likes it.     


Birthday Present Card

So I saw something today in a magazine and wanted to make a card that looked like a wrapped birthday present.  Since the ribbon is wrapped around the card and attached with velcro the card is a little bulky.  I had to make my own envelope so it can fit inside and it turned out great.   


Crochet flower

I wanted to make a card with the flowers that I was crocheting.  It turned out pretty good I think and used the rickrack for the stems and the flower pot from QuicKutz.  I also used the purple Tapestry paper by CR Gibson.

Just a quick post today since I've been crocheting flowers for today.  Thanks for stopping by....


Ok I took a break from working on my cards for the past couple days and have been crocheting flowers instead to put on my cards or projects.  I haven't been able to find certain colors that I need.  I'm looking for lavender or purple thread colors and bright yellow.  I could use DMC embroidery thread instead which I might just have to in order to get more colors that I want.  Anyway just wanted to share some of the flowers that I did today. 


Post it note holder

Flower Pot Card

Ok this is my first RAK and hope that my partner KelliB that I am making this for will like this card that I made for her.  I am also sending her some flowers and also flowers that I crochet.  I will be sending this out tomorrow when I get to work.  This was fun creating it this weekend and hopefully that I can keep up with it and do this again.  Kelli...I hope you like this card!
Thank you for stopping by....


I tried something new today and decided to crochet my own flowers for my cards.  I thought it came out pretty good and it matched the background paper with the flowers.  I was actually able to crochet about a dozen flowers today while we were driving on the road today on the way going shopping.   


Another graduation card

I made another graduation card and money holder for today.   I used the Quickutz honu for this one since it's for a guy and flowers won't do.  It turned out good I think.



Made a quick money holder for tonites graduation that I am going to. Putting it together with the Anya graduation card that I did last night.

Another Gorjuss girl card

Ok I know it's another Gorjuss girl card again but I just love these cute little girls.  I need to start making cards for guys and especially I need to make Fathers Day cards too.  I have 3 son's that are all Dads.  Hopefully I can come up with something this weekend because I need to send it out to them.  One of my sons is in Afghanistan so it'll take some time to get there and the older one lives in Las Vegas. 

Graduation card

I had at least a month to make this graduation card for a graduation that I'm going to tomorrow night.  I try not to do it at last minute but I kept putting it off thinking I would have enough time but then time just flew by and it's already here. I hope she'll like this card that I made for her anyway.


Birthday cards

I made this birthday card for a friends birthday coming up next week. Can you tell I like pink? I guess when I go out to look for paper, embellishments or ribbons I tend to get pink and green alot! I just got some ribbons yesterday and they are not pink! Yay! I'll try to come up with some other cards with the different color soon.

Thank you card

Another GG card again.....I'm using this as a Thank you card.  I need to change my colors and start using dark colors sometimes.  I noticed that i like to use pink alot.  I like it anyway.

GG with bear

I just love the GG pics.... I made this card to add to my collection of cards just incase I need it at the spur of the moment.    I haven't had the chance to do much since I've been trying to straighten out my craft room and trying to organize it better.  It gets very messy when I start to work on something so I want to better organize my area so it's easier to move around and find things.