Simply Sweet Addictions

It's been a long while since my last post on my blog.  I've been in a slump and actually created some stuff but didn't take any pictures of them.  If you have noticed I have changed my blog name to "Simply Sweet Addictions".  I used to collect tons of bears and that was how my blog name came about then.  So since I create stuff that is "addicting" and love to bake sweets I decided to change it.  Anyway here I made some favors to hold my favorite candy skittles.  I can't remember what site I saw the tutorial to make this but it holds the candy perfectly well.   I also got a few new stamps from Island Paperie below while I was on Maui for a short vacation.  I used them to make the card below.  Wow it's been quite sometime too since I've last made a card too.  Hope to be back in the swing of crafting but thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great Week!

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