Thank you card

What a nice surprise in the mail yesterday.  I received this beautiful Gorjuss Girl "Thank you" card from Denise.  She sent this to me for sending her some of the crochet flowers that I made.   Since May 2009 I have met alot of awesome blogging sisters and have yet to meet you all in person.  Today I went to J's and met Jen for the first time in person.  Hopefully someday I'll get to meet you (Denise) in person since you were the first to follow my blog and commented me.  She also sent some Himawari babies too!   It's so great that we can all share all our creations through blogland and meet alot of awesome friends.  You all inspire me with all your creative ideas!   Thank you all for stopping by and visiting my blog whenever you can.  

Also 'THANK YOU" all for the get well wishes and comments!       


tzaiwah85 said...

You've got a very lovely blog here mom. It's so pleasant to the eyes. =) Keep up the good work!


dragon said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better Elena....
I missed out on your wonderful flowers maybe next time ;o(

Lynn xx

Kyoko said...

Wow, what a sweet card from Denise ... she is such a generous and giving person. Wait until you meet her in person ... she's mental! LOL!

Jamee said...

i'm glad you like the card my mom made for you. we had lots of fun that day crafting.