RAKS, card and blanket projects

I received this from Gail Woo for Jen's Aloha August RAK.  She is from San Francisco and sent me some awesome goodies too.  They were all in pink and green colors that I like too.  Gail sorry for not posting sooner but was busy with my other projects that needed to get done before I did any paper creations.  

I received this beautiful card from Jodi Inked Inspirations for Teri's August OCS.  She does awesome coloring with the copics.  I just love all her coloring on her card creations!  Jodi Thanks for the cute card you sent me.

Sorry this is not a paper project again and have not been posting any new creations.  I had to finish 2 blanket projects and wanted to get it finished during the 3 day weekend.  These are for 2 different little girls.  Just wanted to show you my projects and the process that it takes to make this.  
I ironed "wonder under" under the yellow fabric, then drew the petroglyphs on the wonder under then cut them out.

Then I ironed them to the pink fabric that is 12" squares.
Here's the different petroglyphs that I ironed on to the squares.  All the petroglyphs are sewn with satin stitches all around the images.

And here's the finished blanket!  I added quilt batting inside the blanket.  This is for my boss's daughter and she's part Hawaiian and I hope they'll love this.  

This is a sleeping bag for my friends daughter who is in pre-school.  The school wants the kids to have sleeping bags for their naps.  Since my friend couldn't find one for her, she asked if I could sew it for her.  I hope she'll like this.
Yay I'm finally done!!  


Brenda said...

What a cute blanket! You are so talented!

Kyoko said...

OMG, your creativity never ends! These projects came out super cute and the recipients will be sooo happy when they receive them!

Unknown said...

Wow, Elena, you are so talented. I need to make a sleeping bag for my granddaughter too who will be entering preschool soon. They don't makes ones like the one you made in the store - they are special!

Amy said...

You are an inspiration!!! I can't remember the last time I used my sewing machine. It's been a few years. Maybe I can do a small project for the holidays.

I love your blankets!!! I am sure they will love them.

Denise said...

You are SO TALENTED!! Very pretty blankets. Your are truly an inspiration to all of us.

Janis said...

Love those blankets Elena. You can go beyond the paper projects and take crafting to a whole other level. Great job on the colors. It's just so beautiful!

Joy said...

so cute...what great hidden talent you have~ so pretty blankets! those 2 little girls are so blessed! thanks for sharing! have a great week!

Jodi said...

Elena, have you received my OCS card for August?
Jodi =)

joni h said...

great RAK & OCS! awesome blankets! love the petroglyph! I'm looking for a sleeping bag for my daugther too. Is it padded? Are you taking orders?

Claudia said...

Wow Elena,
You are talented in so many ways.. I am so glad I have found your blog to get inspire!!