RAKS to share

Are you having the same issue as me?  I haven't been able to create anything lately.  I think I've been on facebook too much and it's taking my time away from crafting.  I've also been in a slump and don't have the energy in creating anything lately either.  But I do have a couple of RAK's that I want to share.  I hope to soon get back into creating.

This 1st RAK is from Enjoli (Stamping Under the Sun)!  She is just so awesome in all her creations. I just loved all her notebooks that she was posting on her blog and not knowing that she was sending one to me.  Anyway she sent this to me as a "Thank You" for the crochet flowers that I sent to her.  The stamps are an assortment of "thinking of the Good Times"  Thanks again Enjoli for the happy mail!

This next RAK is from Michele (My Simple Crafts).  She won the set of Hello Kitty ornaments that I was offering.  She also has some awesome creations on her blog.  Go and check it out if you haven't been there yet!  Thanks again Michele.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Kyoko said...

LOVE your RAKs Elena! Enjoli and Michele are both so sweet!

Joy said...

such cute RAKS! I'm so glad I made so many friends in this blog world! aren't you?! =) have a good hump day!

Michelle U said...

What wonderful raks! Enjoli and Michele are just the sweetest people ever!

Nannieflash said...

Oh I think someones been spoiling you, I do hope you enjoy playing with them. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxx

Islander Girl said...

Isn't she just the sweetest and talented? Lucky you!!!

Rina said...

great RAKS Elena, very well deserved! I love, love, love your blog. very entertaining =0)

Hey btw...where can I purchase your crochet flowers? I tried to look for a link throughout your blog but couldn't find one. Am I missing it?

Anyway, thank you for sharing and blessing us with you creativeness. Have a wonderful weekend! Aloha and God bless~