The bag lady is back again!

I guess I can definitely be called the bag lady. Here I am again making bags! This time its not made of paper. I guess you can use it for almost anything like make up, coins, toothbrush & toothpaste or anything you want. I have a lot of fabric that I decided to make use of and made these trinket bags with a zipper and zipper pull. I initially wanted to make a pencil case but I measured it too short so I guess I can't put pencils in it and maybe just pens. Anyway Thanks for stopping by today and Have a Great Weekend!


Cyndi said...

very cute bags! i used to make pencil cases too!

Denise said...

You are SUPER TALENTED! These are so adorable, pretty. Have a Great week GF. See you on the Farm! LOL

Michelle U said...

Elena! These are so adorable! Are you going to be selling these at a craft fair?


Ginger said...

These pouches actually make a good make-up case! The lavender one Jeremy gave to me fits all my make-up inside. I like alot<3!! And it makes everything more organize in my purse. Can't wait to see the Hello Kitty ones ^___^

Enjoli said...

Hi Elena,

I love these bags! You are so talented! I love the fabric too. TFS! Ooh... You're going to make Hello Kitty ones? Can't wait to see it!


Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Elena;
Your bags are adorable! I've just added myself as one of your followers. Your blog site is beautiful.

Alice said...

Wow!!! I missed this post!! These bags are fantastic, I really would have one!! :D

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