Downy Touch of Comfort

This is not a paper craft project but I wanted to share something with everyone that comes to visit my blog. Along with doing paper crafts, beading & all sorts of other crafts I also sew. This project that I am happy to be donating my time for is for "Quilts for Kids" an organization of caring volunteer quilters to help donate 10,000 homemade quilts to children in hospitals. Downy is a supporter of Quilts for Kids. The fabric is sent to you and all you need to do is sew the quilt together and send it back to them within 6 weeks. It's for a good cause and I am happy to be helping children in hospitals all over the United States.

This 1st picture is when I cut the pieces and joined them in squares and created the pattern.
This next picture is when I sewed the pieces all together.
This last picture I sewed all the borders together so you can see what the top of the quilt looks like. The inside has quilt batting and the back of the quilt is the same fabric that is around the borders. I just ironed everything down to flatten it and now all I have to do is quilt all the pieces together. I should be done by this week and can finally send it back to "Quilt for Kids, Inc." after I wash and dry the completed quilt. I will be happy to know that I will make a child happy to have his or her very own quilt. If anyone is interested in donating their time for children in hospitals you can check out the website. (www.quiltsforkids.org) Thank you all for stopping by to check out this post. Have a Great Day!!


Unknown said...

What a great idea - I'll check out that site too. You did a terrific job piecing the quite together - love the colors too.

Denise said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! You are very creative & Talented!

Michelle Alejandro said...

Wow! You are such a well-rounded crafter! What a sweet thing to make these for the children. You are such a wonderful person!


Joy said...

Elena...you are amazing! what great hidden talent that you are sharing with us! this is wonderful! looks so comfortable! TFS!