Tissue holder and card

Sorry I've been MIA for sometime now. I know I posted earlier that I will be sending a blog candy out soon. I accidently deleted the post rather than editing it. It's coming soon..I just need to finish a few things like finish reorganizing my craft room then I will post it real soon. I'm finally getting it done and had to take a day off from work to do this last Friday.
Anyway, I made this quick card for a friend who moved to the mainland and is still doing cards and wanted to share some images with her. I haven't done cards for awhile since getting distracted making other paper crafts and also sewing. My stash of birthday cards, thank you cards & just because cards is getting really low so I need to replenish it soon. Secretary's day is this week and I need to make it tonight for tomorrow! Thank you all for stopping by and Have a Great Day!

I wanted to also show you this really cute Hello Kitty tissue holder that I got online. It's giving me an idea to make of fabric tonite too! What do you think? Sorry about the background, kinda distracting but I took the picture in front of my computer and didn't realize the icons were going to show up.


Cyndi said...

very nice card with the images! and that's a super cute tissue holder!

Joy said...

love the HK tissue cover. what a cute idea...I know you'll come up with something fabulous! love the image holder. I am sure your friend will love getting it. you are too sweet! have a happy hump day!

Michelle U said...

I love the card! So adorable! I can't wait to see the tissue holder that you make! I know it will be awesome! Where did you get the tissue holder from? Too cute!