Yummy Cupcakes

It was a spur of a moment thing that I wanted to bake cupcakes this weekend. I decided to make a box for it and came up with this. So I used a 12"x 9" cardstock and started to create it. The box is a 3" square and a fold over cover. I used "AmpleeTude" from Stamping Bella and Nesting Flowers Cookie cutter Dies to place her on it. I was planning on making several of these but it sure does take a lot of time so I may have to re-think it. I baked a yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting for the cupcakes. It was sooo yummy for dessert! Well back work tomorrow and hope you all have a Great Week!


Berenice R. said...

Super cute project! Thanks for sharing. I love cupcakes :)

Joy said...

what a sweet idea! love those yummy cupcakes and that image is so darling! hope you have a good week!